What is a video business card?



Showing someone what you do, why you do it and what makes you different in 2 minutes…


Then imagine…

Connecting those 2 minutes to a technology that’s not limited by time or space… (the Internet)

And imagine…

That 2-minute video driving exponentially more sales, awareness and connection.


This is what we do here at New Style Pictures


We work with people who are ready to take on new ideas and technology,

but we don’t work with people who are desperate or unmotivated…


Our mission is simple…

We aren’t here to make artsy videos, ring your doorbell, give it to you and run. That’s the very problem we are committed to changing. New Style Pictures exists to help meaningful businesses expand into the worldwide community of online communication, sales and opportunities. This is how we change everything.

This is our story, but we also love to hear yours!

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